Christmas Party

Open 10am.
Christmas pot luck 12pm-5pm. (complimentary food and snacks).
Happy hour BOGO 2pm-6pm.
Asian buffet 5pm-10pm.
Ugly sweater comtest 6pm-9pm.
DJ 9pm- 1am (all fired up dj’s).
Foods and drink specials all day.

Come down and hang!

Wear your ugly sweater.
Dec 24th, Xmas eve.
Ugly sweater partying.
Find your ugliest Xmas related sweater (not dirtiest, ugliest Xmas related sweater!)
Contest will start at 6pm for registrations until 8pm. Then At 9pm we will have a judging for a winner takes all.
Also other raffles throughout day.

Music starts at 9pm!
We will be open all day and all night until bar close time (as usual).

The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest Rules and FAQs
With the theme of “Memories of Christmas Past” at the Fall Samboree, we want to take
everyone back to the time when everyone wore sweaters during the holidays, but not
just any sweaters, ugly sweaters … Yes, you read that right … Ugly Sweaters or
Sweater Vests.
We want to see the ugliest holiday sweaters you can purchase or create! Decorate a
sweater or sweater vest with your materials of choice, as long as it’s over-the-top and
ugly, you’re good to go.
To be eligible as an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contestant you must wear a Christmas,
Hanukah or Winter themed Sweater or Sweater Vest to the Event.
Turtlenecks, sweatshirt and long or short-sleeved t-shirts will not be accepted. You may
wear such items underneath an Ugly Christmas Sweater-vest, but it will not be
considered part of your sweater and therefore not eligible for judging.
You may add to or alter your Christmas sweater however you like, have fun and get
creative … – felt, yarn, LEDs, plastic, clock gears, Christmas trees, ornaments, buttons,
Additional items such as hats, jewelry or other festive attire will not be considered when
voting for the Ugliest Christmas Sweater. An item must be attached to your Christmas
sweater in order to be eligible.
You can be disqualified from the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest for the
1. Putting on your ugly Christmas Sweater after entering the event (You must be
already wearing your sweater when you show up to the designated time for the event.)
2. Removing your sweater before the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion has been
3. Altering your Christmas sweater after entering the event (Any and all alterations or
additions to your sweater must be completed before entering the event.)
4. Swapping your sweater with another contestant before the Ugliest Christmas Sweater
Champion has been announced.
5. If your sweater does not have a Christmas, Hanukah or Winter theme.
6. If your “sweater” is actually a t-shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt or any shirt other than a
sweater or sweater vest.

Open until 2am