Men’s Softball Tournament

Men’s softball tournament.
May 19th, 20th, 21st. Exact times to be determined.
$125 entry fee per team.
Asa rules apply.
In town of crivitz (across from THOR’S WOLVERINE DEN).
sign up deadline may 13th 2017.
THOR’S WOLVERINE DEN offering a free pitcher of beer to every team entered. Free beer tower and 2 free pizzas to 1st place tournament wining team!
(Must have at least 6 team member present to redeem offers).
$6 pitchers served during tournament hours. Other random daily specials will be held during tournament as well!
For more tournament info please contact Alex zelinski @ (715) 927-3181 (the official host)
For questions related to THOR’S WOLVERINE DEN please contact THOR @ (715) 927-3202