Limo To Timber Rattlers All You Can Eat

Limo To Timber Rattlers All You Can Eat

$70 per person
Includes ticket for stadium park with all u can eat seating.
Limo ride from thors WOLVERINE DEN IN CRIVITZ to stadium and back to.

Everyone interested must pre register by june 16th.
Only available to 1st 10 people!

Leaving THOR’S wolverine den in crivitz. Starting 445pm Friday June 29th.
Heading to appleton stadium in limo. Some limo drinks included.
Timber rattles all you can eat seating area. Tickets included.
Game starts 705pm
When game completed, back to the den!

SPECIAL event night info:
FRIDAY, JUNE 29 – HARRY POTTER NIGHT PRESENTED BY NEUROSCIENCE GROUP: It doesn’t matter which House to which you belong, you can celebrate the books and movies at the stadium on this night! If you are one of the first 1,000 fans to attend this game, receive a pair of Timber Rattlers-themed Harry Potter socks from Neuroscience Group.

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